LA PETITE MORT examines euphoric isolation of the artist, steeped in BLO’s past movements throughout the public sphere, from 1998 in the French Graffiti scene. This show has all the destructive elements of his youth - yet now he attacks his symbolic ancestors, from the Virgin Mary and Child to the Bleeding Heart.

BLO works with many juxtapositions in his dream-like images of damage. Negating the iconic pin-up of the graffiti scene, he labours intensively over androgynous women with mechanical limbs and lead pipe bones. The sculptural curves of the paintings mirror the heavy reflex of gesture seen in the other monochrome illustrations, that are ripped from their static respite to play on a series of wooden panels and stretched cotton throughout the show.

Exhibition on display: Saturday, July 6th – Saturday July 27th.
Opening hours: Thursdays to Saturdays, from 15:00 to 20:00
Admission: €5 | Free for Gallery members & clients

Vernissage: Saturday July 6th from 20:00 onwards
Admission to the vernissage is Free

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