Interview Giacomo Spazio

Giacomo Spazio (by his own’s words)
To the unaccustomed eye, my works may seem incoherent, blurred or, better yet, without solution of continuity. But nowadays the idea of creation has changed. It’s no more a matter of creating something out of nothing, but to bring up-to-date, to give new life to what has already been produced. This does not imply a lack of creative force but, rather, a radical change of the “materials” available. There is an infinite array of neglected materials (in the physical world and in our memory) which we may re-use in new combinations. So contemporary artists like me can only draw ideas from very dissimilar sources and combine them together, blend them with our own ideas and throw them before your eyes.

My works, show that coherence is dead, whereas art as a form of expression is alive and springs from the whirlwinds of tensions and contradictions that surround me/us. Art is imagination and nothing else. As an artist, I do not pursue an aim and I do not follow a trend. I have no agendas, no style to defend nor a path to show. I don’t care about specializations, technical problems and diversification, because I’m not looking for perfection. I don’t know what I want, but I know what I’m looking for – and by all means I refuse “isms”.
Every time I have to prepare an exhibition, I feel my efforts are pointless, I feel I’m perplexed, but I never, ever, feel inert, because I like indetermination, an endless uncertainty. I have a strong interest in fragments, landscapes, chromatic sequences, overlapping, juxtapositions. In an age rooted in inconsistency and confusion, I think it’s meaningless to have a clear idea of my own path. Even if I can work using all my experience, I’m still convinced that in order to anticipate the future it is necessary to get lost in it. Using my wide open eyes I can only hear the noise of the colors surrounding me and towering over me. But the noise of colors, just like the noise of music, will never be a nuisance. Art is a sign. A mere sign. Just a hint of a sign! Voice/Noise!

Giacomo Spazio, ACAB, Mixed Media on Canvas

Giacomo Spazio, ACAB, 2011
Mixed media on Canvas

Hi Giacomo.  When you were young, have you ever thought that when you’d be 53 years old, you would still do art and open a gallery?

Hi! I think that when you are young, it is very hard to think that one day you will be an artist. Especially if you come from a working class family like me. Personally, I never asked myself this question. To create “my things” was the only way to avoid working in a factory all my life.

You were already evolving in art in the 70’s and the 80’s.  What is the main difference between those times and now?
To tell the truth, the only real difference is the following: rich people in the 70’s gave money to create and this was surely a gift from the Freaks/Hippies culture. In the 80’s, the Punk movement gathered very different kind of people, united by the “No Future!” claim. In the opposite, today everything goes faster!
But to create your own culture, you need a lot of time and this is always the same, at every period of time.

Do you miss that, these years?
No! For me the past is the past! When I think about it I smile, because I have been lucky and I’ve become the person I am now. A man. A man who loves everything that surrounds him. A man who likes present!

Today, do you have a model or an idol in art?
Personally I have no model from whom I take my inspiration. But I am very ecstatic of the quantity of really good artists who live in my time… And it is at this exact moment that I become very little and like an ant I try to work hard to get results which talk for me, without copying anyone.

When you work on a piece, how do you feel?
I am always happy, even when I deal with sad themes. If I am sad, I just want to be left alone.

What kind of music do you listen to when you are “working”?
First of all the music must be very loud, almost deafening. I listen to all kind of music from Daft Punk to Polygon Window via Pole and from Tubelord to Heptones via Tikiman. I go crazy for music and almost all of my works have a link with it!

You use a lot of techniques in your creations. Do you have a favorite one? Why?
I prefer serigraphy (silkscreen), because I like the idea of repetition. But every piece is unique. The main subject is the same, but I change the language, the color, and everything that isn’t part of the image in the foreground.  But sometimes, even the main subject is different.

You also use a lot of different colors. What do they represent for you?
The only way to be really unique! Colors I use are most of the time my own colors I create! For example the base color is made of silicon, white steel, silver and white pearl.

Giacomo Spazio, You Need Me, Mixed Media on Canvas

Giacomo Spazio, You Need Me (Get Out There), 2011
Work on Canvas

If you were a dictionary, what would be the definition of Art?
No mater how, but express yourself with all the means necessary. (DIY)

Your are an artist but you also opened a gallery in Milan which is called  “Limited No Art Gallery” , how do you feel being on the “other side”?
I didn’t open an art gallery but my studio became a place for exhibitions where I try to put in contact creative persons, curious ones and collectors, showing them what I personally think to be unique, interesting and beautiful. Sometimes, I had to be a curator because some people asked me to be a curator. It is a work that I respect a lot and by making it I have learnt that like dishonest curator, it also exists dishonest artists!

How do you select the artists who make exhibitions in the Limited No Art Gallery?
Usually, I organize exhibitions of artists I personally know and whose work I admire. Sometimes, I give the exhibition space for free.

Do you have children? Are they artists too?
I have two sons and they are creative like all the young people in the world. By now, they are both interested in music. The first one is 20 years old, he plays bass and sings. The second one is 17 years old and he plays drums.

What kind of job would you have done if you were not an artist?
When I was 13 years old I wanted to be a poet and maybe it is the reason why there are always letters, lyrics and/or small sentences in my works.

Tell me the very last word of this interview!
ANARTCHIST!  (I invented this word and it means I’m an anarchy artist to explain exactly what I am)

Thank you very much for this interview Giacomo!