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OPEN WALLS Gallery is pleased to present POSITIONS, a group show feat. OX, BR1 and VERMIBUS, running from April 12th through the 24th of May. 3 artists coming from three different geographical positions in Europe, taking three diverse positions with their artworks on surfaces that lay in the public eye and inside the gallery. Three different artists sharing the same aim to challenge the purpose of advertisement, visual pollution and brands in the marketplace.

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Integration/Disintegration is the new solo exposition by the artist BR1. Controversial themes follow this artist through his colorful and irreverent series of street actions and posters that are rooted in the visual contradictions of Western and Middle Eastern cultures.

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BR1 L'Italia Giusta

BR1, paper intervention on political advertising. 
Torino, january 2013



BR1 - Public Enemies

Public Enemies

BR1's new body of works is centered on sans papier immigrants in Italy and in Europe: those people that run away from africa to escape civil wars & extreme poverty. Sadly, once here their daily round is violence, exploitation and strong human rights restrictions.

BR1 Public Enemies

This installation is 24m long, each billboard is 3 x 12m.


BR1 Showcase at Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin

OPEN WALLS Gallery proudly presents BR1 showcase at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE (Schönhauser Allee 9, Berlin) on tuesday November 6th from 20:00 onwards. RSVP via Facebook.


BR1 is an Italian artist based in Turin, his works are based and influenced by the city life. For him, art must transmit a social message and bring collective awareness. BR1 is fighting the hegemonic policing of sense imposed by late capitalism by ripping out advertising on billboards or giving a new face to Muslim women. The point is to fight hegemonic ideas and to give back the public space to the public. With his colourful images and comics-to-pop-inspired portrait, BR1 makes the city more liveable and harmonious. Yet, when pasting up a draw on billboard, ripping out bills from the billboards or playing with the message of the bill and modifying the meaning of the adds; BR1 is criticising consumerism. His aim is to give social and cultural functions to billboards which, while lacking of those, are imposed to society.

BR1 started working on the theme of veiled Muslim women, as he became more and more attracted and intrigued by the veil; « why a dress has so strong connotation of religion? This thing attracts me.” His first aim is to show that the veiled woman has the same needs and the same nature as any other occidental woman. By portraying veiled woman in the everyday life, BR1 challenges the ideological isolation of the veil. BR1 believes « in a consciousness-raising » and this idea can be seen everyday on the streets that he has been walking by.


Vermibus Poster Stolen in London (Shoreditch)

Vermibus - The Sting from Vermibus on Vimeo.

If you happen to pass by some of Vermibus’s posters in London, enjoy it while it last because it’s not gonna be long until they disappear. In Shoreditch (East London) it took just a few hours for someone to come with a hammer, smash the glass and steal the art.


Join us with VERMIBUS at MONIKER ART FAIR 2012

Berlin most wanted adbuster VERMIBUS will reveal his new body of work in London this week at MONIKER ART FAIR. This year’s event will see trademark ‘artist project spaces’ fully cultivated to create an experiential showcase of cutting edge contemporary art.

VERMIBUS - Brainwash (from the Unmasking Kate series)

2011 affirmed MONIKER position as London’s must see multidisciplinary event within the alternative contemporary art world. With thousands of visitors flocking to the prime East London location, from collectors to art enthusiasts – Moniker affirmed its popularity across the contemporary art spectrum. This year’s event will take place from October 11–14, 2012 to once again coincide with London’s foremost international art event, Frieze. This week sees the global art community descend on the UK capital and provides Moniker with the perfect launchpad from which to propound a fresh and exciting alternative to its counterparts.


Moniker 2012 will be the boldest and most ambitious undertaking yet. Each individually curated project space will provide an opportunity for artists to showcase work that might otherwise transcend their everyday practice. This compelling facet of Moniker will emphasise the individual capacity of each chosen artist in a setting beyond that of most conventional contemporary art galleries. We hope you enjoy this years event and look forward to meeting you in London this week.



Camera: Xarlee
Editing: David de Larrea
Music: Rob Costlow - Contemporary Piano - Bliss

PROCESS is a unique chance to enter the universe of VERMIBUS, an intimate journey with the artist to understand his creative process. This video was released at BRIGHT TRADESHOW where LAMONO had a chance to speak with the artist: